Davor Reba, Croatia

Recently I had the opportunity to try ligatures Sonus Divinus and Tonus Mundi made by Vladimir Trajanoski. Both of them attracted my attention. Immediately I had a feeling my instrument vibrates differently, more in line with my ideas. Sound Divinus has a rich and darker sound while Tonus Mudi is very colorful and has a great respond. I am also impressed about the quality of material and construction. These ligatures deserves everyone’s attention.

Gregory  Tardy

Associate Professor of Jazz Saxophone at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Alumni of bands led by Bill Frisell, Andrew Hill, Dave Douglas, Elvin Jones, others…

“I absolutely love these ligatures created by Sax Clinic. On both the Saxophone and Clarinet, the SCV ligatures help bring out the natural overtones in my tone, and help my sound projection. The ligatures also bring more evenness to my sound, help my reeds to vibrate more freely, and give my sound much more flexibility. I am very thankful to have been turned onto the the wonderful SCV ligatures, and I feel that they are simply amazing.” 

Dennis Mitcheltree, USA

I’ve recently come upon a ligature, the Tonus Mundi by SCV Ligatures that feels great…focused sound and warmth. I initially got the tenor version and really dug it, so I went in on an alto and clarinet and it works great for those as well – particularly the alto, along with the tenor.

I recommend it.



Robert  Martin

MultiMartin Music

SCV is a great ligature, which works better than any ligature I’ve ever used. In my experience, most ligatures make very little difference in sound or response. The Tonus Mundi stands head and shoulders above the rest. It’s very much just “out of the way”, almost as if there’s no ligature at all, just a reed vibrating freely with the mouthpiece, giving you maximum options in terms of the reed and mouthpiece working together for whatever subtle nuance you want, unencumbered by any restrictions. Also, it’s not only esthetically beautiful, it fits my Syos signature mouthpiece perfectly.

Mark Sepinuck

I want to make the biggest recommendation for this ligature company. Absolutely outstanding ligatures that are made incredibly well, and the sound and response I am getting with this is just phenomenal.
I really could not recommend a ligature any more than this! It’s just perfect for me and I wanted to help spread the word.
I don’t get paid to say any of this, I just always want to help the sax community and help spread the word, when the word should be spread.
I got in a couple Sax Clinic ligatures for my tenor mouthpieces, and also for my altos.
I have always liked the rope ligatures, and I have wanted one with one screw on top instead of two. I also have always wanted that screw to have an oversized head so that it’s easy to manipulate.
These ligatures really check all of the boxes for me, and I could not be ANY happier.


Steve Neff,

The Sax Clinic SCV ligatures are quality ligatures that are easy to use and do the job of holding the reed on a mouthpiece in a reliable way.  I love the way they look and their positive effects on my saxophone tone in comparison to other ligatures I have compared them to so far.  These are great ligatures!

Read the full review on the link bellow.

Ryo Noda,

The SCV ligature not only allows the player to play accurately in volume and pitch from low to high register, but also maintains a consistent tone. It’s specially good at holding the mouthpiece and reed in place. I have used many different ligatures, and this is first one that satisfies me functionally and musically. Dear Vladimir, I’m happy to know that your inventiveness work for new concepts of ligature. I think that you can help to saxophonist who wants to have nice feeling of playing with ligature. I hope My comment will help your future works and other saxophonists.

Best wishes, Ryo

Gordan Tudor,

Professor of Saxophone at the Music Academy of Split,
Member of the Papandopulo Saxophone Quartet

The SONUS DIVINUS Ligature in short is a great ligature. I had to try a little bit harder reeds then my regular 3.0+ and it worked great. Again, I could play my instrument and felt very familiar with what’s coming out and for me, that is always a great thing. Also I really felt some help with the articulation especially in bigger intervals. Bravo Sax Clinic! I am very happy that all this products are produced in the vicinity of my place, so they kind of fit in the shop locally mentality that I try to have. Bravo!!

Matjaž Drevenšek,

Professor of Saxophone & Vice dean for artistic activity at the Music Academy of Ljubljana,
Member of the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet

Me and my students tried the SCV ligature SONUS DIVINUS and found out that it’s fantastic. Namely, the reeds funcion better (even those „bad“ ones), it helps in equalizing the register (especially the high and the low registers), flageolets sound better, the ligature provides better wind flow, etc, etc. Generaly – it’s top!

Premik Russell Tubbs,

Saxophonist & recording artist for Whitney Houston, Sting, Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin & many others.

This latest ligature design by Sax Clinic is a true revelation in saxophone tone.

The degree of resonance and clarity, whether using a cane or synthetic reed is quite extraordinary.

The other plus factor is that the same ligature works equally well with both my tenor and also hard rubber mouthpieces!

No matter what your musical style, I highly recommend this latest innovation in ligature design.

Lev Pupis,

Professor at Graz music university, Austria
Conservatory of music and ballet Ljubljana, Slovenia
Sarajevo music academy, Bosnia and Herzegovina

– Gives the reed a freedom to vibrate and softens it a bit.
– Sound becomes wider and full of overtones – brilliant effect.
– Easy response and comfortable feeling with staccato.
– The ligature is very direct and takes the sound away from the source directly in the middle of the hall.
– Sonus divinus is perfect for everyone with very centered and focused sound who wants to get bit more freedom in the sound.
– Great design and high-end product.

Stathis Mavrommatis,

Saxophone Soloist-"Yamaha Artist" President of the Greek Saxophone Association

When I first tried the SCV ligature, I immediately 

realized that  is one of the best ligatures on

the market!

Full vibration of the reed, free and homogeneous playing,

easy staccato, rich and bright sound full of overtones,  great design.

I highly recommend it no matter what your musical style is.

Keep up the good work!


Georgios Lygeridis,

Professor of saxophone at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki

I tried both SCV Ligatures SONUS DIVINUS for alto and tenor sax and each with 2 different canes of different strength. Both ligatures provide a very round sound, quite velvety and homogeneous. I clearly heard the advantage of the high register, and especially of the tenor, where I had a very significant reduction in his nasal sound. I also had good precision for the articulation, especially for the high register and especially for the alto. I also had good help for the highest tones, ensuring the stability and security of this heavy registry. Finally, I think the design is nice and discreet.

So, in general, my impressions are very positive. Provides sound in the direction I prefer with easy mission, articulation accuracy and rich sound with lots of research possibilities. I hope your products are successful and will contribute to the progress of our instrument.
And one more time BRAVO about your job.
Georgios Lygeridis

Risto Trajanoski,

Principal Clarinet at Macedonian Opera and Ballet

It is my pleasure using SCV clarinet ligatures in performing classical music.

I use Tonus Mundi and Sonus Divinus, and am satisfied with both of them. 

SCV ligatures promote full vibration of the reed, improving articulation, flexibility, projection and color.

They let my sound be focused and rich at the same time. I highly recommend SCV ligatures.

Slobodan Koloski Sakshama,

My name is Slobodan Koloski and I make handmade saxophone mouthpieces with Sakshama Mouthpieces.

I try about a dozen ligatures on as many mouthpieces as a part of my daily routine. I live with them and by them like the Eskimos and the snow.

The ligature is a medium that transfers the sound from the reed to the mouthpiece. It happens very often that that transfer is limited or constricted by it, especially when it is made of metal that stops the reed vibration. I can say that I’m very impressed by Sax Clinic’s ligature.

‘Their concept is a real revolution. Because there is no metal part touching either the reed or the mouthpiece the whole system vibrates with a freedom that I didn’t experience before. I have to say it is the best ligature I have tried and I have tried everything of significance on the market. I hope Sax Clinic will assemble an able marketing team and take their place they deserve on the world stage with their quality and innovation.


Novica Sokolovski,

Professor of Clarinet at DMU Todor Skalovski Tetovec, Tetovo, N. Macedonia

During my career I have used several types of ligatures, metal ones as well as leather ones. These days I started to use the SCV ligature SONUS DIVINUS, and would like to emphasize the following characteristics that make the SCV ligature special:

The material of which the ligature is made provides good fastening of the mouthpiece and the reed.

The ligature is of good quality, the sound of the clarinet with this ligature is softer, massive, well defined and easy to perform staccato.

During long hours of playing, the reed does not weaken in its strength i.e., the power and the intensity of the sound is still with the same quality.


Aleksandar Tasić,

International Soloist, Clarinet Professor at FILUM from Kragujevac, Serbia,
Professor of Chamber Music at the Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia


About Sonus Divinus:

These days I was very pleased to try the clarinet ligature Sonus Divinus, a renowned brand of Sax Clinic from Macedonia. Vlado, I have to congratulate you for the fantastic product.

It is produced of materials of the highest quality and has a very attractive design. However, that is only the outer view. Very clear articulation, easiness of playing even in the most demanding and fast transitions from the lower to the altissimo register, flexibility and the ease of playing in general are the qualities of this ligature.

In a word, one of the best clarinet ligatures I have tried in the last couple of years, if not the best!

I’m recommending it to everyone, from students to professionals.



About Tonus Mundi:

After great experiences with the SCV Sonus Divinus ligature, I also tried the SCV Tonus Mundi clarinet ligature, which I tested intensively in the past month and a half. 

I could develop all the ideas and tonal concepts and color palettes on the clarinet that I wanted to get in orchestra, chamber and solo music. Honestly, it makes me very happy to have a tool like this for all my musical ideas. Tonus Mundi, a fantastic, unique clarinet ligature is definitely the best clarinet ligature I have ever tried and played. 

Try it and see for yourself!

Congratulations to the SCV team on a unique product that I am sure will make many clarinetists around the world happy! 

Well done!


Marko Dzomba,

International Soloist, Yamaha artist

Since the moment I played the first tones, using the SCV, I knew it was going to
be my go-to ligature in the future. Instantly the tone control became more
flexible and one get’s the feeling that more is possible, than it was before.

The reed vibrates more freely and the range, dynamically and tone-wise, becomes
greater. Also, when adjusting the mouthpiece, the reed doesn’t move, but stays
perfectly locked-in!

Nikola Fabijanić,

Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra,
Symphonic Orchestra of the Croatian Radio Television,
Papandopulo quartet, Academy of Arts Novi Sad, Academy of Arts Banja Luka,
Musical School Pavla Markovca Zagreb

SCV ligature is a product that is at top level and is one of the best ligatures I have had the opportunity to play. I didn’t have to adjust, and the result was great and immediately noticeable: the warm tone, the legato is smooth and connected, and the sound is consistent throughout the whole instrument range, both in the lower register as well as in the high altissimo register. I am active as an educator and chamber, orchestral and solo saxophonist, and I can warmly recommend this ligature that meets all my professional requirements. 

Music of my newest CD was performed with the SCV ligature SONUS DIVINUS

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Crnogorska Str. 45a, Skopje, N. Macedonia

Stay Tuned

While submitting your email address, you accept to receive promotions and communication from Sax Clinic and read our Privacy Policy.

Crnogorska Str. 45a, Skopje, N. Macedonia